Privacy policy

JSON to Google Sheets Importer is an application that creates Google Sheets for users when they supply data in JSON format into the form at

The application works in conjunction with the Google Sheets API. Permission is requested from the user to use this API on their behalf. Permissions granted by that request can be seen during the permissions agreement process, which happens before the first import begins. Permission can be revoked by the user at any time at

A cookie is stored on the user's browser and shared with to retain the user's Google API authorization. The user's browser Local Storage is used to retain user-entered data between visits. Both can be permanently deleted by the user at any time by clearing cookies and other site data associated with the application in any web browsers that have been used to access the application. No other user data is collected or stored by the application.

When the user imports a spreadsheet, the data supplied by the user is transmitted directly from the user's web browser to Google services using the Google Sheets JavaScript API. It is not sent to the website, which is only used for user authentication.

Google Sheets will retain data derived from data supplied by the user. This is covered by the user's existing agreement with Google.

If the application is enhanced in future the privacy policy at will be updated to reflect any changes.

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